– The TU Dortmund Compression Framework
tdc::GenericView< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for tdc::GenericView< T >, including all inherited members.

at(size_type pos) consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
at(size_type n)tdc::GenericView< T >inline
tdc::GenericViewBase::at(size_type n) consttdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
back() consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
back()tdc::GenericView< T >inline
begin() consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
begin()tdc::GenericView< T >inline
bound_check(size_t pos) consttdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
bound_check_not_empty() consttdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
cbegin() consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
cend() consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
clear()tdc::GenericView< T >inline
const_iterator typedeftdc::GenericView< T >
const_pointer typedeftdc::GenericView< T >
const_reference typedeftdc::GenericView< T >
const_reverse_iterator typedeftdc::GenericView< T >
crbegin() consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
crend() consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
data() const noexcepttdc::GenericView< T >inline
data() noexcepttdc::GenericView< T >inline
debug_bound_check(size_t IF_DEBUG(pos)) consttdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
debug_bound_check_not_empty() consttdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
difference_type typedeftdc::GenericView< T >
empty() consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
end() consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
end()tdc::GenericView< T >inline
ends_with(const T &other) consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
ends_with(const ConstGenericView< T > &other) consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
tdc::GenericViewBase::ends_with(const GenericViewBase< T, const T *> &x) consttdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
front() consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
front()tdc::GenericView< T >inline
GenericView()tdc::GenericView< T >inline
GenericView(T *data, size_t len)tdc::GenericView< T >inline
GenericView(const GenericView &other)tdc::GenericView< T >inline
GenericView(std::vector< T > &other)tdc::GenericView< T >inline
GenericView(std::array< uliteral_t, N > &other)tdc::GenericView< T >inline
GenericViewBase(P data, size_t size)tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
GenericViewBase()tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
GenericViewBase(const GenericViewBase &other)tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
GenericViewBase(const std::vector< T > &other)tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
GenericViewBase(const std::array< T, N > &other)tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
iterator typedeftdc::GenericView< T >
m_datatdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >private
m_sizetdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >private
max_size() consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
npostdc::GenericView< T >static
op_eq(const GenericViewBase< T, const T *> &lhs, const GenericViewBase< T, const T *> &rhs)tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivatestatic
op_greater(const GenericViewBase< T, const T *> &lhs, const GenericViewBase< T, const T *> &rhs)tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivatestatic
op_greater_eq(const GenericViewBase< T, const T *> &lhs, const GenericViewBase< T, const T *> &rhs)tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivatestatic
op_less(const GenericViewBase< T, const T *> &lhs, const GenericViewBase< T, const T *> &rhs)tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivatestatic
op_less_eq(const GenericViewBase< T, const T *> &lhs, const GenericViewBase< T, const T *> &rhs)tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivatestatic
op_not_eq(const GenericViewBase< T, const T *> &lhs, const GenericViewBase< T, const T *> &rhs)tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivatestatic
operator std::vector< T >() consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
operator=(const GenericViewBase &other)tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
operator[](size_type pos) consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
operator[](size_type n)tdc::GenericView< T >inline
tdc::GenericViewBase::operator[](size_type n) consttdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
pointer typedeftdc::GenericView< T >
pop_back()tdc::GenericView< T >inline
pop_front()tdc::GenericView< T >inline
rbegin() consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
rbegin()tdc::GenericView< T >inline
reference typedeftdc::GenericView< T >
remove_prefix(size_type n)tdc::GenericView< T >inline
tdc::GenericViewBase::remove_prefix(size_type n)tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
remove_suffix(size_type n)tdc::GenericView< T >inline
tdc::GenericViewBase::remove_suffix(size_type n)tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
rend() consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
rend()tdc::GenericView< T >inline
reverse_iterator typedeftdc::GenericView< T >
size() consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
size_type typedeftdc::GenericView< T >
slice(size_type from, size_type to=npos) consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
tdc::GenericViewBase::slice(size_type from, size_type to=npos) consttdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
starts_with(const T &other) consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
starts_with(const ConstGenericView< T > &other) consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
tdc::GenericViewBase::starts_with(const GenericViewBase< T, const T *> &x) consttdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
substr(size_type pos, size_type len=npos) consttdc::GenericView< T >inline
tdc::GenericViewBase::substr(size_type pos, size_type len=npos) consttdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
swap(GenericView &other)tdc::GenericView< T >inline
swap(GenericView< U > &lhs, GenericView< U > &rhs)tdc::GenericView< T >friend
tdc::GenericViewBase::swap(GenericViewBase &other)tdc::GenericViewBase< T, P >inlineprivate
value_type typedeftdc::GenericView< T >