– The TU Dortmund Compression Framework
MonotoneSubsequences.hpp File Reference

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struct  tdc::esp::Point
class  tdc::esp::LayersIterator
class  tdc::esp::L
struct  tdc::esp::Dpi_and_b
struct  tdc::esp::WTIter


 Contains the text compression and encoding framework.


using tdc::esp::Sindex = size_t
using tdc::esp::Link = size_t


template<typename View >
std::vector< Sindex > tdc::esp::sorted_indices (const View &input)
bool tdc::esp::operator== (const Point &a, const Point &b)
std::ostream & tdc::esp::operator<< (std::ostream &o, const Point &a)
Point tdc::esp::point_coord_if_at_index (Sindex self, size_t index)
size_t tdc::esp::layers_A_search (ConstGenericView< size_t > searchA, size_t piy)
Point tdc::esp::point_coord_for_link (ConstGenericView< Sindex > sindices, Link link, bool reverse)
template<typename SortedIndices , size_t tie_to_decreasing = false>
Dpi_and_b tdc::esp::create_dpi_and_b_from_sorted_indices (const SortedIndices &sorted_indices)
template<typename SortedIndices , typename Dpi_t >
std::vector< size_t > tdc::esp::create_dsigma_from_dpi_and_sorted_indices (const SortedIndices &sorted_indices, const Dpi_t &Dpi)
template<typename Dxx_t >
auto tdc::esp::make_wt (const Dxx_t &v, size_t max_char) -> std::vector< IntVector< uint_t< 1 >>>
auto tdc::esp::extract_from_wt (const std::vector< std::vector< size_t >> &node_sizes, const std::vector< IntVector< uint_t< 1 >>> &bvs, size_t size) -> std::vector< size_t >
auto tdc::esp::recover_Dxx (const std::vector< IntVector< uint_t< 1 >>> &bvs, size_t size) -> std::vector< size_t >
template<typename Dxx_t , typename b_t , typename Bde_t , typename D_t >
auto tdc::esp::recover_D_from_encoding (const Dxx_t &Dpi, const Dxx_t &Dsi, const b_t &b, const Bde_t &Bde, D_t *out)