– The TU Dortmund Compression Framework
bwt.hpp File Reference
#include <cstdint>
#include <tudocomp/util/View.hpp>
#include <tudocomp/util.hpp>
#include <tudocomp/def.hpp>

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 Contains the text compression and encoding framework.
 Contains functionality for computing and decoding the Burrows-Wheeler transform (BWT) of a text.


template<typename text_t , typename sa_t >
text_t::value_type tdc::bwt::bwt (const text_t &text, const sa_t &sa, const size_t i)
 Computes the value BWT[i] of a text T given its suffix array SA Runs in O(1) time since BWT[i] = SA[(T[i]-1) mod |SA|]. More...
template<typename bwt_t >
len_compact_t * tdc::bwt::compute_LF (const bwt_t &bwt, const size_t bwt_length)
 Computes the LF table used for decoding the BWT Input is a BWT and its length. More...
template<typename bwt_t >
std::string tdc::bwt::decode_bwt (const bwt_t &bwt)
 Decodes a BWT It is assumed that the BWT is stored in a container with access to operator[] and .size() More...