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tdc::HuffmanCoder::Decoder Class Reference

#include <HuffmanCoder.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for tdc::HuffmanCoder::Decoder:
tdc::Decoder tdc::Algorithm

Public Member Functions

 ~Decoder ()
 Decoder (Env &&env, std::shared_ptr< BitIStream > in)
 Decoder (Env &&env, Input &in)
template<typename value_t >
value_t decode (const LiteralRange &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from tdc::Decoder
 Decoder (Env &&env, std::shared_ptr< BitIStream > in)
 Constructor. More...
 Decoder (Env &&env, Input &in)
 Convenience constructor. More...
bool eof () const
 Tests whether the end of the bit input stream has been reached. More...
template<typename value_t >
value_t decode (const Range &r)
 Decodes an arbitrary-range integer value. More...
template<typename value_t >
value_t decode (const BitRange &r)
 Decodes a bit. More...
const std::shared_ptr< BitIStream > & stream ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from tdc::Algorithm
virtual ~Algorithm ()=default
 Algorithm (Algorithm const &)=default
 Algorithm (Algorithm &&)=default
Algorithmoperator= (Algorithm const &)=default
Algorithmoperator= (Algorithm &&)=default
 Algorithm (Env &&env)
 Instantiates an algorithm in the specified environment. More...
Envenv ()
 Provides access to the environment that the algorithm works in. More...
const Envenv () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from tdc::Decoder
std::shared_ptr< BitIStreamm_in
 The underlying bit input stream. More...

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~Decoder()

tdc::HuffmanCoder::Decoder::~Decoder ( )

Definition at line 577 of file coders/HuffmanCoder.hpp.

◆ Decoder() [1/2]

tdc::HuffmanCoder::Decoder::Decoder ( Env &&  env,
std::shared_ptr< BitIStream in 

Definition at line 584 of file coders/HuffmanCoder.hpp.

◆ Decoder() [2/2]

tdc::HuffmanCoder::Decoder::Decoder ( Env &&  env,
Input in 

Definition at line 600 of file coders/HuffmanCoder.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ decode()

template<typename value_t >
value_t tdc::HuffmanCoder::Decoder::decode ( const LiteralRange )

Definition at line 607 of file coders/HuffmanCoder.hpp.

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