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tdc::SADivSufSort Class Reference

Constructs the suffix array using divsufsort. More...

#include <SADivSufSort.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for tdc::SADivSufSort:
tdc::Algorithm tdc::ArrayDS tdc::int_vector::IntVector< T >

Public Member Functions

template<typename textds_t >
 SADivSufSort (Env &&env, const textds_t &t, CompressMode cm)
void compress ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from tdc::Algorithm
virtual ~Algorithm ()=default
 Algorithm (Algorithm const &)=default
 Algorithm (Algorithm &&)=default
Algorithmoperator= (Algorithm const &)=default
Algorithmoperator= (Algorithm &&)=default
 Algorithm (Env &&env)
 Instantiates an algorithm in the specified environment. More...
Envenv ()
 Provides access to the environment that the algorithm works in. More...
const Envenv () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from tdc::ArrayDS
 ArrayDS ()
 ArrayDS (const ArrayDS &other)=delete
 ArrayDS (ArrayDS &&other)
ArrayDSoperator= (ArrayDS &&other)
iv_t relinquish ()
 Forces the data structure to relinquish its data storage. More...
iv_t copy () const
 Creates a copy of the data structure's storage. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from tdc::int_vector::IntVector< T >
 IntVector ()
 IntVector (size_type n)
 IntVector (size_type n, const value_type &val)
 IntVector (size_type n, const value_type &val, uint8_t width)
template<class InputIterator >
 IntVector (InputIterator first, InputIterator last)
 IntVector (const IntVector &other)
 IntVector (IntVector &&other)
 IntVector (std::initializer_list< value_type > il)
IntVectoroperator= (const IntVector &other)
IntVectoroperator= (IntVector &&other)
IntVectoroperator= (std::initializer_list< value_type > il)
iterator begin ()
iterator end ()
reverse_iterator rbegin ()
reverse_iterator rend ()
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
const_reverse_iterator rbegin () const
const_reverse_iterator rend () const
const_iterator cbegin () const
const_iterator cend () const
const_reverse_iterator crbegin () const
const_reverse_iterator crend () const
size_type size () const
uint64_t bit_size () const
size_type max_size () const
uint8_t width () const
void width (uint8_t w)
void resize (size_type n)
void resize (size_type n, const value_type &val)
void resize (size_type n, const value_type &val, uint8_t w)
size_type capacity () const
uint64_t bit_capacity () const
bool empty () const
void reserve (size_type n)
void reserve (size_type n, uint8_t w)
void bit_reserve (uint64_t n)
void shrink_to_fit ()
reference operator[] (size_type n)
const_reference operator[] (size_type n) const
reference at (size_type n)
const_reference at (size_type n) const
reference front ()
const_reference front () const
reference back ()
const_reference back () const
internal_data_typedata () noexcept
const internal_data_typedata () const noexcept
template<class InputIterator >
void assign (InputIterator first, InputIterator last)
void assign (size_type n, const value_type &val)
void assign (std::initializer_list< value_type > il)
void push_back (const value_type &val)
void push_back (value_type &&val)
void pop_back ()
iterator insert (const_iterator position, const value_type &val)
iterator insert (const_iterator position, size_type n, const value_type &val)
template<class InputIterator >
iterator insert (const_iterator position, InputIterator first, InputIterator last)
iterator insert (const_iterator position, value_type &&val)
iterator insert (const_iterator position, std::initializer_list< value_type > il)
iterator erase (const_iterator position)
iterator erase (const_iterator first, const_iterator last)
void swap (IntVector &other)
void clear ()
template<class... Args>
iterator emplace (const_iterator position, Args &&... args)
template<class... Args>
void emplace_back (Args &&... args)

Static Public Member Functions

static Meta meta ()
static ds::InputRestrictions restrictions ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from tdc::int_vector::IntVector< T >
static constexpr ElementStorageMode element_storage_mode ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from tdc::ArrayDS
using iv_t = DynamicIntVector
 The type of integer array to use as storage. More...
using data_type = iv_t
 The data structure's data type. More...
- Public Types inherited from tdc::int_vector::IntVector< T >
typedef IntVectorTrait< T >::value_type value_type
typedef IntVectorTrait< T >::reference reference
typedef IntVectorTrait< T >::const_reference const_reference
typedef IntVectorTrait< T >::pointer pointer
typedef IntVectorTrait< T >::const_pointer const_pointer
typedef IntVectorTrait< T >::iterator iterator
typedef IntVectorTrait< T >::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef IntVectorTrait< T >::reverse_iterator reverse_iterator
typedef IntVectorTrait< T >::const_reverse_iterator const_reverse_iterator
typedef IntVectorTrait< T >::difference_type difference_type
typedef IntVectorTrait< T >::size_type size_type
typedef IntVectorTrait< T >::internal_data_type internal_data_type
 The element type of the internal data buffer accessed with data() More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from tdc::ArrayDS
 IF_DEBUG (bool m_is_initialized=false;) inline void debug_check_array_is_initialized() const
void set_array (iv_t &&iv)

Detailed Description

Constructs the suffix array using divsufsort.

Definition at line 13 of file SADivSufSort.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SADivSufSort()

template<typename textds_t >
tdc::SADivSufSort::SADivSufSort ( Env &&  env,
const textds_t &  t,
CompressMode  cm 

Definition at line 28 of file SADivSufSort.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ compress()

void tdc::SADivSufSort::compress ( )

Definition at line 53 of file SADivSufSort.hpp.

◆ meta()

static Meta tdc::SADivSufSort::meta ( )

Definition at line 15 of file SADivSufSort.hpp.

◆ restrictions()

static ds::InputRestrictions tdc::SADivSufSort::restrictions ( )

Definition at line 20 of file SADivSufSort.hpp.

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