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tdc::lz78::TernaryTrie Class Reference

LZ78 Trie Implementation based on Julius Pettersson (MIT/Expat License.) and Juha Nieminen's work. More...

#include <TernaryTrie.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for tdc::lz78::TernaryTrie:
tdc::Algorithm tdc::lz78::LZ78Trie<>

Public Member Functions

 TernaryTrie (Env &&env, const size_t n, const size_t &remaining_characters, factorid_t reserve=0)
 IF_STATS (size_t m_resizes=0;size_t m_specialresizes=0;) IF_STATS(MoveGuard m_guard
 ~TernaryTrie ()
 TernaryTrie (TernaryTrie &&other)=default
TernaryTrieoperator= (TernaryTrie &&other)=default
node_t add_rootnode (uliteral_t c)
node_t get_rootnode (uliteral_t c) const
void clear ()
node_t find_or_insert (const node_t &parent_w, uliteral_t c)
size_t size () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from tdc::Algorithm
virtual ~Algorithm ()=default
 Algorithm (Algorithm const &)=default
 Algorithm (Algorithm &&)=default
Algorithmoperator= (Algorithm const &)=default
Algorithmoperator= (Algorithm &&)=default
 Algorithm (Env &&env)
 Instantiates an algorithm in the specified environment. More...
Envenv ()
 Provides access to the environment that the algorithm works in. More...
const Envenv () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Meta meta ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from tdc::lz78::LZ78Trie<>
using node_t = LZ78TrieNode
- Protected Member Functions inherited from tdc::lz78::LZ78Trie<>
 LZ78Trie (const size_t n, const size_t &remaining_characters)
size_t expected_number_of_remaining_elements (const size_t z) const
node_t add_rootnode (uliteral_t c)
 The dictionary can store multiple root nodes For LZ78, we use a root node with the id = c = 0. More...
node_t get_rootnode (uliteral_t c) const
 Returns the root node corresponding to literal c. More...
void clear ()
 Erases the contents of the dictionary. More...
node_t find_or_insert (const node_t &parent, uliteral_t c)
 Searches a pair (parent, c). More...
size_t size () const
 Returns the number of entries, plus the number of rootnodes. More...

Detailed Description

LZ78 Trie Implementation based on Julius Pettersson (MIT/Expat License.) and Juha Nieminen's work.

See also

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TernaryTrie() [1/2]

tdc::lz78::TernaryTrie::TernaryTrie ( Env &&  env,
const size_t  n,
const size_t &  remaining_characters,
factorid_t  reserve = 0 

Definition at line 34 of file TernaryTrie.hpp.

◆ ~TernaryTrie()

tdc::lz78::TernaryTrie::~TernaryTrie ( )

Definition at line 53 of file TernaryTrie.hpp.

◆ TernaryTrie() [2/2]

tdc::lz78::TernaryTrie::TernaryTrie ( TernaryTrie &&  other)

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_rootnode()

node_t tdc::lz78::TernaryTrie::add_rootnode ( uliteral_t  c)

Definition at line 65 of file TernaryTrie.hpp.

◆ clear()

void tdc::lz78::TernaryTrie::clear ( )

Definition at line 78 of file TernaryTrie.hpp.

◆ find_or_insert()

node_t tdc::lz78::TernaryTrie::find_or_insert ( const node_t parent_w,
uliteral_t  c 

if we add a new node, its index will be equal to the current size of the dictionary

Definition at line 85 of file TernaryTrie.hpp.

◆ get_rootnode()

node_t tdc::lz78::TernaryTrie::get_rootnode ( uliteral_t  c) const

Definition at line 74 of file TernaryTrie.hpp.


tdc::lz78::TernaryTrie::IF_STATS ( size_t  m_resizes = 0;size_t m_specialresizes=0;)

◆ meta()

static Meta tdc::lz78::TernaryTrie::meta ( )

Definition at line 28 of file TernaryTrie.hpp.

◆ operator=()

TernaryTrie& tdc::lz78::TernaryTrie::operator= ( TernaryTrie &&  other)

◆ size()

size_t tdc::lz78::TernaryTrie::size ( ) const

Definition at line 138 of file TernaryTrie.hpp.

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